Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coming of Age Clips #1

1.  Amintiri Din Copilarie (1964)

Based on Ion Creanga's book, the story of a child from his childhood to his manhood.

 2.  Chto U Senk Bylo

The story of young Yensa who eagerly anticipates the arrival of his new younger brother.   But he is disappointed when his parents come home with a baby girl instead and he is furthered dismayed when they show her all of their attention.   He soon feels as if no one loves him except for his best friend, young Marusya.

3.  Das Gewisse Etwas der Frauen

When Robert sets out on the world to learn of love, he gets stuck working at a boarding school.   But he soon finds entertainment in the arms of the director’s wife.   From there he has affairs one after the other, including one with the young Irene played by Romina Power.

4.  Goreshto Pladne

On a hot summer day three boys are splashing around the river. One of them gets his hand caught in the stone masonry of a railway bridge. Many peasants, the passengers from the train, which stops nearby, and the crews of tanks taking part in a military exercise flock to the scene of accident. People drop out whatever they are doing; even the maneuvers get stopped to come to the help of a child. Action must be taken quickly because the water level is rising fast. The concerted efforts of all involved people help save the child. Thus a particular case, an extreme situation has served as a test of significant and insignificant in our life, which often happens to become transposed.

5.  Krasnyye Pchyoly

A charming family tale about the first group of young pioneers in the Soviet Union in 1922.

6.  Le Necrophile

An extremely rare short film about a young girl who becomes intrigued by a freakish older man who cannot be with her due to his obsession with dead bodies.

7.  Ptice Koje Ne Polete

Student and musician Lela (Ivana Surdic) lives in Belgrade with her mother Vida, who is divorced from Dushan. When Lela gets leukemia, there are no bone-marrow donors, and Vida turns to her father, Zdravko, although she hasn't spoken to him in 20 years. He's soon ruled off the blood donor list, but insists that he can cure Lela with herbal remedies if she's removed from the poisons of the city. After a stay in the countryside, her health does indeed return -- but her parents make the mistake of bringing her back to the polluted city.

8.  Skutki Noszenia Kapelusza W Maju

An emotional comedy by Krystyna Krupska - Wysocka, telling a story about the need of feelings between people. A professor of academy is leading a lonely and sad life of pensioner, who frequently goes for a walks to the cementery. On one of this walks he meets Ann, a daughter of his old friend Andrzej who died tragically in the mountains. The girl lives with her children in the hostel, leading an extremely modest life. Few years ago her husband went abroad to look for work, while Ann stayed in the country to finish her studies. Meeting her radically changes professor's barren existence. In spite of advanced age and lack of experience, he decides to look after her children to enable her to travel to England for a manager's course.

9.  Twarz Aniola

A poignant tale of young boys and their fate inside a Nazi concentration camp.   The film focuses on 11 year old Teddy, who catches the eye of one of the educators.   While the Germans have big plans for the young boy, he resists and holds out for the liberation he believes is coming.

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